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Properties, both self-acquired and inherited, often have legal repercussions. These could be in terms of disputes with neighbors, tenants, succession, agreements, and many more. Even the best of family bonds can break due to a property dispute. What is required is a trained professional to navigate these sensitive issues. This is where a Property lawyer comes into the picture.

Property Law

In simple words, property law is an area of law that deals with matters of ownership of property. The law dictates what to do in case of different types of disputes related to properties including in case of succession and inheritance. This is a complicated and intricate part of the law that requires much hard work on the part of the lawyer in order to get the best outcome for any property case.

Best Property Lawyers in NCR

Delhi NCR is home to many highly ranked universities and as such many fresh lawyers are added to the workforce every year. For property cases, NCR has several best lawyers for property disputes. While it would be impossible to write about all such lawyers, some of the top property lawyers are as below.

Jaspreet Singh Rai:

A reputed lawyer with over 19 years of experience in litigation, Advocate Jaspreet Singh Rai is the go-to lawyer for many people and among the best property dispute lawyers in Delhi. He is based in the Greater Kailash area of New Delhi and primarily works in the areas of civil, criminal, arbitration, trademark, intellectual property rights, labor law, etc.

He also has work experience in the fields of matrimonial disputes, suits, writs, rent control, and dishonor of cheques among others. Mr. Rai typically works in consumer matters but has previously worked with CBI on corruption cases as well.

Together with Mr. P. N. Lekhi, Mr. Rai has set up a firm to bring about his professional best to legal cases. He has worked not just in the Supreme Court but also High Court and other district courts.

Karan S. Thukral:

The brain behind the famed Thukral Law Associates is Karan S. Thukral. Mr Thukral works not just in India but also offers his service internationally to clients in over twenty different countries. Although he focuses on several areas like immigration, family law, infrastructure, merger and acquisitions, corporate law, criminal law, and elderly law another prime focus area is on real estate.

His past casework has been in the real estate area of builder buyer agreements, probate, tenant disputes, property management, inheritance, property development etc.

For his work, Mr Thukral has been recognized and awarded the Best NRI Law Firm of the Year as well as Law Firm of The Year at the India Prestige Awards in 2021 and he could be counted among the best property lawyers in the region.

Ashok Gupta:

Ashok Gupta, the namesake of Ashok Gupta & Co is another reputed lawyer based out of New Delhi. The firm has been in operation since the year 1989 and has several highly experienced lawyers in its team.

Working in the Delhi courts, Mr Gupta has worked on domestic violence, family and divorce cases, and corporate and criminal cases too. In their property litigation offerings, Mr Gupta provides relief in rent, lease, possession, declaration and damages etc.

Over the two decades that Mr Gupta has been working in the Delhi courts, he has also managed to make a mark internationally. He aims at understanding his clients as much as possible and providing them justice as fast as possible.

Vijay Tangri:

Mr Vijay Tangri, a Delhi local graduated with a law degree in the year 1994. He soon followed it up with an LLM degree from Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago.

He started his working career in 1995 in Chicago as a negotiator and then in investment banking. Mr Tangri’s working career in India spans over 23 years. He is considered one of the top senior advocates in the Supreme Court.

Some of his past clients are in the fields of banking, oil and gas, IT and in manufacturing. Mr Tangri was also chosen as the Commercial Legal Contract Manager in Motorola in 2004 followed by Huawei as DGM commercial.

In the matter of property law, Mr Tangri has worked on cases related to neighbour disputes, family property disputes, gifting of property, succession of property, illegal possession etc.

Prithvi Raj Sikka:

Prithvi Raj Sikka is a top practicing lawyer in the Supreme court of India. He also works in the high court and other district courts in Delhi and NCR. Mr. Sikka was the founding member of Sikka & Co that merged with Law Juris. Today, he manages the firm and is a lawyer with 31 years of legal experience.

Mr. Sikka has managed matters related to civil, intellectual property rights, insurance, corporate, labor, and legal auditing. He is also an active member as the chairman of the Legal Committee of the Faridabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

His written words are published often in Lawyers Club India and Path Legal. Mr. Sikka is also a visiting faculty at IMS Law College at Noida.

Arvind Tripathi:

Based out of Allahabad, Advocate Arvind Tripathi also works out of Delhi High Court and District courts in NCR. Graduating with a BA LLB degree, he has been in the workforce for over 30 years.

Although he specializes in civil and criminal cases, he also occasionally handles property-related matters as well. Mr. Tripathi is well known for his result-oriented approach to handling cases and for his ability to work independently.

He also provides advisory services in several legal areas. Some of his past cases are in areas of armed forces tribunal, NCLT, criminal, cheque bounce, anticipatory bail, etc.

Sudershani Ray:

One of the younger members on this list is Advocate Sudershani Ray. She has professional work experience of over 8 years. A graduate of Jamia Millia Islamia in BA LLB, she works in providing consultancy and legal advisory services out of Kailash Hills, Delhi. Sudhershani Ray has been a member of the Bar Council of Delhi since 2008.

She has expertly managed several legal cases such as consumer complaints, matrimonial disputes, food adulteration act complaints, and also property disputes. Another major aspect of her work is about agreements such as letters of intent, MOU, consortium agreements, development agreements, sale deeds, etc.

Delhi NCR is blessed to have many knowledgeable and proficient property lawyers. The list above is not exhaustive and there are many renowned lawyers such as the ones at Lex Solutions. Trust the best and the top real estate lawyer Delhi NCR, Lex Solutions, for any property dispute.