Banking And Finance

Banking & Finance

At Lex Solutions, we have a web of experienced and best lawyers in Chandigarh to help you legally with all things finance. We deal in a wide array of activities such as insurance, financial services, restructuring, insolvency, asset finance and structured finance etc.  Banking and finance is a diverse field, which primarily leads to sub-areas of disputes even at basic level. Such circumstances require top-notch legal consultation and advice to resolve critical matters like financial and banking disputes. Some of the most common areas of dispute are as follows-

  • Paperwork of loan, credit and security
  • Asset protection
  • Unauthorized payments
  • Liquidation 
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Corporate Governance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Licensing and regulatory approvals 
  • Insurance and financial institutions regulations
  • Debt restructuring 
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Yes, you can get the best lawyer from the best law firm in Chandigarh, Lex Solutions. It is India’s leading law firm that has the best lawyers in the town that has expertise in banking and finance cases. 

Paperwork of loans, credit and security, Asset protection, Unauthorised payments, Liquidation, Bankruptcy, Corporate Governance, Mergers and acquisitions, Licensing and regulatory approvals, Insurance and financial institutions regulations, and Debt restructuring are some most common areas of financial and banking disputes.

In India, financial disputes are handled by Human Right Courts. We can also say, the Human Right Court is another avenue for all kinds of financial disputes. For more information on banking and finance disputes, you can contact Lex Solutions. They have the best legal team that precisely handles financial disputes.