Criminal Matters

Criminal Matters

In criminal matters, wide range of crimes fall such as murder, rape, forgery, defamation, corporate frauds, economic offences, theft, dacoity and kidnapping etc. When a person’s conduct is dangerous for the society and is somehow menacing to the life, health, property, safety and moral welfare then it is considered to be a case of criminal matter. 

There is a set of rules enforced by the Indian law which is supposed to be followed by every citizen of the county. In case of failure, a person is liable for punsihment as per the intensity of the crime.

One should seek legal counsel in the case of filing a crime report or in case of proving their innocence if they are charged with a crime.

At Lex Solutions, we provide representation for clients in front of legal formus such as supereme court, high court and legal tribunals. During the legal assisstance we deal in following domains-

  • Registring of crime
  • Ancepatory bail
  • Granting bail
  • Quashing of fir
  • Quashing of criminal cases
  • CBI Cases
  • Defending anti-corruption cases