Real Estate and Land Related Disputes

Real Estate Land Related Disputes

Indian nationals residing in India as well as abroad find themselves in complicated situations when disputes like acquiring of property, co-ownership in joint property or tenancy disputes arise. Usually the concerned person would want to have the full ownership of their property or in case of tenancy disputes; one will not want the caretaker to acquire the property. There can be zillion issues branching from every land issue.

In case of transfer of property, the owner aims to handover the property in the hands lawful heirs. But due to internal family rivalries and conflicts, unjustness takes place. In order to give a wide berth to such disputes one must find the correct legal advice and consultation. Real estate has complex dimensions and the right assistance can help in solving the real estate issues hassle-free.

Lex Solutions prompts its clients to get all the lawful documentation done regarding the purchase, leasing, sale and mortgage of real estate properties. The firm deals in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties. With the best real estate lawyers in the team, we are here to provide you with the right legal advice and solutions in real estate disputes.

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If a builder takes a long time in possession or delays the process, again and again, you can send a legal notice to the builder with the help of the LEX legal team. The primary course of action should always be to issue a letter in writing to the builder stating your grievance. Make sure that all assurances by the builder of giving you possession on such and such date are given to you in writing on the letterhead and under the seal of the builder. 

With Lex Solutions you can fight your property disputes even if you’re living outside India. They have a team of legal experts that provide legal advice and help to NRIs living in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada or UAE. Lex Solutions is known as the best legal in Chandigarh and as well as other parts of India. 

Clash pertaining to a property often arises through claims from legal heirs, and co-owners, disputes over easement rights, false representation by the seller, improper description of the property in the title deed, etc. In all such matters, Lex Solutions is the only source that can help you.